Coronavirus risk mitigation

Coronavirus risk mitigation

As government restrictions on physical face-to-face delivery continue to relax, CEBristol is pleased to be re-opening our in person services to children, young people and families from September 2020. Our focus, as always, is on the safety and well-being of our children and young people, many of whom, through their individual conditions, have a particular vulnerability to Covid-19.

  • Symptom Awareness/Test and Trace

In line with national government guidance, staff or children with symptoms or with family members exhibiting symptoms will be directed immediately to follow national self-isolation guidance and to access test and trace protocols.

For advice re symptoms visit

  • Hygiene Stations

Additional hygiene stations will be provided at entrances into buildings and group rooms. Staff to use hand gel during sessions where moving between participants and equipment.

  • Ventilation

Rooms will be well ventilated, through open internal and external doors and windows.

  • Social distancing and PPE

Families will be asked to social distance entering and within the building and during sessions. Kitchens and parent / carer coffee meeting areas will be temporarily closed. Where staff are unable to social distance during sessions increased hand hygiene, equipment cleaning, side by side placement, changes of uniform and the use of face masks/visors are being implemented to reduce risk.

  • Cleaning

All contact areas (such as door handles, bathrooms, light switches) and equipment (floor mats, stools) to be cleaned between groups. All shared equipment (e.g. parallel bars) to be cleaned between participants. Participants will be allocated their own boxes for personal belongings and session equipment.

  • Awareness, Training and Signage

Staff will receive back to work training and will continue to be reminded about social distancing, handwashing, use of face masks/visors and symptom awareness. Signs will be updated across all CEBristol buildings.

Please ask if you require a copy of our detailed risk assessment.