The group

The group – Why do we run sessions as a group?

[Not all CE sessions / services you find will be run as a group for a variety of reasons; i.e. not having an appropriate group for the individuals specific diagnosis, difficulties or aims. Or some sessions may be offered within a school / home setting – in these cases working within the principles of Conductive Education but can it be called a ‘Conductive Education session’?]

There are many benefits to running sessions as a group – what do you feel would be the most important reason? OR are they each as important as each other?

Learning from your peers – watching how your peer achieves a task and giving it a try…

Peer motivation and encouragement – being cheered on or praised by a peer for a success…

Spontaneity of movements – during play and general cheekyness! Watching a child investigate something (possibly something they shouldn’t be touching!) with a friend – using their problem solving skills and movements to do so…

The atmosphere of the room and session – a social atmosphere of learning and fun

Friendship – developing social skills and building friendships

Motivation for the activity – Games with your friends are more fun than games with adults!

Lessening reliance on adult support – no matter how many Conductors / assistants there are within the session they are not there to support one specific child throughout the whole session.

Each child will require different levels and types of facilitation during the session and the Conductors / assistants will facilitate this while enabling the child to develop responsibility for their actions and self within the group. Attempting tasks before looking to an adult to help.

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