Rhythmical Intention

Rhythmical Intention

So we decided to pose the question of “Why do we use rhythm and counting while moving during tasks?” to our Primary group this morning!

Why do you think giving movement a rhythm is important for people with a neurological movement disorder?

How could it help children and adults with high or low tone?

Our Primary aged children who we asked this morning have high tone and so use a slow and steady rhythm during tasks in all postions.

This is what they said….

“So we can fully stretch our muscles”

“To slow down”

A slow steady movement enables those with high tone to use their full range of movement in one smooth movement, as moving quickly using jerky movement increases spasticity and so reduces the range of movement during that movement.

The ‘Intention’ given as part of the spoken task helps each child to focus on the desired movement before starting to move.

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