Developing gross motor skills

Developing gross motor skills

Gross motor skills are developed through a series of broken down tasks in a lying, sitting and standing position. During task series we are working to develop:

  • Separation and isolation of upper and lower limbsBS5A2880
  • Hip abduction and adduction
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Weight bearing
  • Symmetry
  • Head control
  • Core strength
  • Extension and flexion of hips, knees, ankles, elbows, wrists and shoulders
  • Learning and developing spontanious use of a correct body position
  • Problem solving and planning

These tasks are then built up into functional skills which are determined by the individuals current aims. These include but are not limited too functional skills such as; rolling over, sitting up, sitting, crawling, high kneel walking, walking with and without equipment, climbing into the car and getting on and off the toilet.

Each functional skill will be worked on throughout the session in a variety of ways and during a variety of activities. I.e. skills needed to maintain 4 point kneeling will be worked on during tasks in a lying programme; developing arm extension and strength, hip and knee flexion, head control and balance. 4 point kneeling as a functional skill will then be practiced, developed and used during:

  • free play
  • transferring from lying or sitting to a standing position
  • games and art activities in a 4 point kneeling position