What does a group session involve?

What does a group session involve?

Your child’s session will vary depending on their age however through out all of the sessions we work on developing the same basic skills at each child and groups level. These skills include:


  • Developing gross motor skills; isolation and separation of limbs and movements, strength, co-ordination and developing a range of functional transferring skills. The transferring skills your child is working on will depend on their age and current aims and will include functional movements such as rolling, crawling and walking.
  • Developing fine motor skills; from developing grasp and release to improving handwriting and fine motor tasks such as buttons and shoe laces.
  • Developing speech and communication skills and confidence speaking and communication via makaton and AAC within the group setting.
  • Developing self care skills including eating and drinking, dressing and toileting.
  • Developing problem solving skills and independence during tasks and activities.
  • Developing motivation and confidence in their abilities.

One of the aims of the parent and child group is to provide parents with ideas and methods to support their childs learning and development at home.

All of the children will take an active part in removing their shoes and socks at the beginning of the session, helping tidy up after free play (and tidy their cups/plates away after snack in the older groups) and make their way around the room between programmes and during the activities actively – this could be rolling, creeping, crawling, walking with equipment/furniture or independently.