Amelie Coombes – Superhero!!

Amelie Coombes – Superhero!!

‘My beautiful daughter, Amelie who is 6, suffered a very traumatic birth and as a result has been left with Cerebral Palsy. Even though we are fortunate that she is considered mild, she has learning difficulties with communication a struggle as well as she needs to wear a splint daily to aid her mobility. Despite her daily challenges, she never complains and every day she is positive and displays such a caring and considerate approach to others. Amelie is a true inspiration to me on a daily basis with her determination to overcome her disability.

Unfortunately she does find school difficult but we were very lucky to find a fantastic not for profit called Conductive Education Bristol whose aim is to help children with neurological injuries to realise their full potential to lead more active and independent lives. Amelie attends once a week and loves this group with Tuesday being the highlight of her week as she adores the teachers and children that attend. In the year that she has attended, she has already benefitted from things like learning how to dress herself (those tricky buttons!!), physio to aid her mobility as well as fun games to encourage her speech and mathematics. The group unfortunately receives no funding and relies purely on charitable donations. SO……can you help a superhero???

Conductive Education Bristol are trying to raise funds throughout March to enable them to continue with this fantastic work for children and they are looking for superheroes!! With this in mind, Amelie wants to be a mini superhero and together with her daddy, she is going to climb Brent Knoll which is a local landmark and large steep hill (it will feel like Everest to Amelie!). She will be completing this in late March and please can you help us support this wonderful not for profit which helps children throughout the South West.’

By Amelies mum and dad.

Please click on the link below to support children like Amelie