Live video session – Sloths

Group – Sloths

CLICK HERE for todays session

For todays session you will need:


  • A cushion for your head
  • Fine motor toys in equipment pack

Furniture / Equipment:

  • A stool or bench you can sit on with your feet flat on the floor
  • Livi & Evie – Wobble cushion or sofa cushions to walk on
  • Mat to lie on (or you can just use your carpet!)

To expand on this session at home:

Practice your kneeling / half kneeling playing with your toys or during a range of games – maybe skittles, bubbles or throwing water balloons!

Practice balancing in a range of positions – high kneeling, half kneeling, 4 point kneeling or superman position!

Practice reaching or stepping in different directions – maybe play follow the leader with a sibling? (remind the leader to go slow and steady!)