Live video sessions – Hedgehogs

Group – Hedgehogs

CLICK HERE for todays session

For todays session you will need:


  • A cushion for your head / wedge to lie on
  • Baton / ring
  • Bubbles / fine motor toy
  • lots of space to move around – i.e mats for rolling or open floor space for walking

Furniture / Equipment:

  • A stool or bench you can sit on with your feet flat on the floor
  • Freya – Cushions or small steps to walk onto / off of

To expand on this session at home:

Practice your kneeling or lying on your stomach on the wedge playing with your toys or during a range of games – maybe skittles, bubbles or throwing water balloons!

Practice standing up from your stool – remember to bring your feet flat under you and lean forwards to push up into standing.