Bedminster Down, Bristol.

Bedminster Down, Bristol

Parent and child groups

We run two parent and child groups which are open to children aged 6 months to 4 years and 3 – 7 years with a neurological motor disorder such as Cerebral Palsy, developmental delay or other similar syndromes/disorders both diagnosed and undiagnosed, and their parent/s.

During the ‘Parent and Child sessions’ our aim is to teach parents how to further support and facilitate their child’s everyday activities through age appropriate tasks, activities and songs. Using adaptable strategies parents are taught how to enable their child’s motivation and activity, during the sessions and at home. As the child’s motivation and activity develops, so does their learning and understanding of how their body moves within the world around them. In response, the child’s tasks and their strategies are continuously revised and developed, to support more complex daily activities and enable limitless learning.

Pre-school / Primary group

Our Primary group is open to children aged 3 to 12 years old with a neurological motor disorder.  Guided by individual, group and academic aims the sessions aim to teach individuals how to apply their skills to a range of different situations. These include everyday functional activities such as climbing in and out the car, dressing, eating and drinking. With guidance from a team of conductors, individuals learn to actively problem solve to overcome any barriers in everyday life. Ultimately, the sessions hope to develop individuals’ belief and confidence, in their abilities and independence.