Terracycle recycing collections

Terracycle recycling collections

TerraCycle offers free recycling programmes funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help us collect and recycle hard-to-recycle waste. Conductive Education Bristol have joined a range of collections (see below); please start collecting any waste from the different collection and pass along to group staff. We will collect the waste together and send your waste to Terracycle to be recycled. We then earn rewards for CEBristol based on the weight of the items recycled. Thankyou to Lara one of our Mums who sorts and sends our waste for us 🙂

So far we have collected 185,246 units of recycling items and redeemed £1800 for CEBristol. (January 2020)

Recycling collections we are part of :

Ellacycle food pouches collection 

Air and home care recycling collection

The Colgate oral care recycling programme

The Pladis biscuit and snacks recycling programme