‘Try me’ equipment loan scheme

‘Try me’ equipment loan scheme

January 2019 will see us launch our ‘Try me’ equipment loan scheme allowing our families to borrow equipment for holidays and special events and to try out equipment at home before purchasing their own. Reducing the risk of spending large amounts of money on the wrong equipment for their child.

We are very proud to be supported by David Lock Associates who’s generous support of £2500 is allowing us to purchase a range of equipment in a range of sizes to loan out.

What equipment is available to loan?

From January 2019 a list of available equipment will be here for you to browse!

What sort of equipment have our families asked for?


Please email to check that the piece of equipment you wish to try will be available for the week/s you wish to borrow it.

What is the cost to you?

We ask families for a £5 donation per week to loan a piece of equipment to pay for the upkeep of equipment.